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Ganga Behti Ho Kyun?

In a pensive mood today...

Browsing through youtube today, I came across this fabulous song by Bhupen Hazarika...

Reminded me of the days when I heard it on the television. Those days I was too young to appreciate the meaning of the song. But now the feeling become clear.

Ganga (or Ganges) is a highly respected river in India. It flows through her plains. Almost all the fertility of the plains can be directly attributed to it. And no wonder in a nation where emotions are the defining character of the people, the river is worshiped as a goddess. And feelings take the form of mythology. As per Hindu mythology, the river has descended from the heavens to cleanse the sins of the world.

In the song, the singer is seen questioning as to why is the river flowing in a soulless, lawless, helpless world.  The song goes as

With the mighty extent, with subjects along your banks screaming in dispair, oh Ganges why do you flow speechlessly?

In a world where morals are lost; where humanity is corrupt, why do you flow shamelessly?

The voice of past , cries out loud, oh the pious stream, why don't you make your people brave and progressive?

Illiterates stand fortune-less...

Countless people (literates) vision-less...

Why do you blind and dumb to the people around you?

People are so self-centred...

Whole society stands without a personality...

Who don't you integrate the society?

Why did you stop being a source of action and energy?

Why did you become inanimate?

Why you stopped giving inspirations to lives?

The world turn into the battlefield of Kurukshetra

Oh mother why don't you give birth to valiant warriors in the nordern India?

The words make me shiver...


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