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The Fearless Beauty

Image Photo Credit: Subhradeep Misra

The whole state of Gujrat seemed to have a new variety of squirrels - a very special one. Don't stare at the photo too hard. There are no surprises for you in terms of looks. The surprise lies in the fearlessness of this cute creature. I had always seen (and known) squirrels to be shy and fearful - the ones which will flee at the sight of a human. But after visiting this state I must admit that all squirrels are not the same. All the squirrels in the region seem to be damn fearless. You could patiently photograph them from distances less than a feet. They seem to have all the time in the world. Here are another click of the same squirrel a few seconds later...

(Both photos taken at ISKCON temple, Ahmedabad)


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