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The World as I see it

Sheer Bliss

WP_000724 Watch out for the fabulous streams The fluttering butterfly; the million dreams The jolly trees with their chattering leaves Aspiring heart of the one who believes

The music of the breeze Flowing with ease In tunes of the song Lost for long

The cloud which paints Forms with no constraints On the vast canvas unbound Shapes familiar yet unfound

The music; the success; the glory The satisfaction; the peace; the fury The laugh; the cry; the pain The great world tries to sustain

The vivid; The mysterious The colourful; the joyous The tiny; the elaborate The life which we celebrate

Look at the unending grace Waiting for someone to embrace Close your eyes to open your mind To the joys you are yet to find

Written in flow of emotions while listening to "Sheer Bliss" xomposed by Anuradha Pal.