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When I Forget Myself

Rural-development-in-India-3 This is a poem that I write to myself for a day when I betray my nation and settle abroad. I earnestly hope I would never need to read it to myself...

Millions of dreams seen in eyes Aspirations that grow as time flies Hopes conjured of a better tomorrow With much more joy and lesser sorrow

Don't you see the privileged one! The clever, the talented, second to none; The endless desire, the helpless stare Which looks upon you in times of despair?

You live in the land that sings of glory Relive the pride, the forgotten story Today our mother carves for the golden days When knowledge and culture flowed our ways

What makes you leave your mother in pain? There is wrong to be corrected; do not refrain There are beautiful places you aspire to roam But nowhere else will you find a second home

Millions of shoulders you stand upon How dare you forget them and try to move on? You traitor! who sings a selfish tone Who used their dreams to live his own

Coward you are; scared of grief You stole their hopes; you are a thief! Didn't think twice as you betrayed their future You selfish man; a shameless creature!

Time is not gone; you are not dead There is a hope; waiting to be spread Come back to yourself; in this lovely world There is a flag; waiting to be unfurled

The value of a smile is too high to be measured For it has nothing but true joy to be treasured Embrace the nation as she embraces you See her smile as you start your life anew