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The World as I see it


DSC03566 Sometimes you feel, the world is against you Moments of joy are a countable few Sometimes in the heart an anger awaits expression But it waits too long, and comes out as depression Sometimes your love, does not return the favour Any attempt of bridging is but a failed endavour

Sometimes the night seems too long Ways seem lost and thunders too strong Sometimes in the mind, we house a fear A fear whose voice only we can hear Sometimes your rival overpowers you in war And all you are left with is a deep burning scar

Sometimes in life you ask for a second try But knowing there is none, you can only cry Sometimes in life, you know you're right But the time's too worse to showcase your might

Sometimes you watch victory pass by Sometimes you see ambitions simply die Sometimes you believe you can acheive success Sometimes knowing that you still refuse to progress

Sometimes betrayed is your belief which persisted You seem to be lost, secluded and cheated

Those are the times you must not loose your will Move along, and never stand still As repenting will only double your grief Shatter the confidence, weaken your belief

But do slow down for a moment to ponder Let free your mind, let it wonder Where were you wrong, why do you suffer? Why is it that life seems tougher?

Realise the problem, and think of a solution Modify the way, multiply your devotion Demistify your mind, and never look back Sometimes do check if you are on the right track...