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The World as I see it

Hope carries on...

The following poem is written in flow while listening to this amazing piece by 'The Corrs'

Floating along the waves of time Immersed in the flow of this soothing rhyme I see a world pious and serene With the singing birds and forests green

And I, a traveler passing by To where eternity does lie Bathing in the river of realisations Witnessing his various incarnations

Behind the beauty, a truth does lie Like the bright sun in a clouded sky By the glory of which, enchanted I fly To reach beyond the clouds, I relentlessly try

Efforts are made, endeavours are done The journey itself seems to be fun The joy is immense, when a part is revealed How great will be the ecstasy when truth is concealed?

Time is too short, too long is the sail Failures too guide me through the trail Sailing through the dusk, waiting for the dawn Efforts may fail, but a hope carries on...