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The World as I see it

Dancing In Madness As I stand and adore this land Where the mighty sea meets the sand Where winds strong kiss the sea And create waves and let them free

Where the sea does endlessly try To quench the thirst of the lands dry Wave after wave it tries in vain Ages have passed, not an inch did it gain

I stand and absorb the nectar of delight As I free my mind with the birds' flight Dive into an ocean where materials lose their meaning And all that is left is emotion and joy unending

Waves of elation, sorrow and pain Hit the rocks reduce them to grain Demolishing the boulders of ignorance and fear Creating sands of experience and wisdom clear

I feel the nature dancing around Dancing in joy immesurable and unbound Celebrating the creation, existance and destruction Immersed in this cycle of joy sorrow and satisfaction

And now as I turn to a trail unknown A path scary, now seems my own Fearless with knowledge I advance With elation in heart, madly do I dance...