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Forget not the path O Traveler

76089 Today as we celebrate our 67th Independence Day, I could not resist recollecting a poem by Shiv Mangal Singh Suman. On this occasion let me attempt a translation of this inspiring poem... (The poem in Hindi can be found here)

Forget not the path O Traveler There will be thrones on the way And so will be forests, rivers, streams And mountains and gardens green But in this mirage of beauty and charm Forget not the path O Traveler

When on this stern treacherous way The pedestrian would be desperate When dreams are all wiped off And the only way is to move ahead Then depressed by your first failure Forget not the path O Traveler

When even your dear ones turn back And appear to to be strangers And dark monstrous clouds of dejection Surround you at each step Then in this solitary phase of journey Forget not the path O Traveler

On hearing the loud war cry When soldiers would be marching ahead When a few hearts would melt And tears would urge you not to go In this battle of love and duty Forget not the path O Traveler

When a few heads are all that's required To complete the glorious garland of victory When your mother cries out for sacrifice For the never-ending flame of freedom Not for a moment you do hesitate Forget not the path O Traveler!

O my supreme mother! I am a traveler who wishes to lead you through the glorious path. Please bless my so that I never forget my path!

Happy Independence day to all! Let us all work together to make our motherland the land of our dreams...